Friday, August 29, 2014

Lost Phone Tracker

Hello Guys,
Please have a look at the link

LPT (Lost Phone Tracker) will help you to track the information of the burglar in case of your mobile is stolen.
LPT will send message to the registered mobile numbers to whom the burglar information has to be sent. Message Details will contain the information of the newly inserted SIM - Phone Number, SIM ID, IMEI, current location of the burglar, etc...... Maximum of 3 recipient’s mobile number can be registered and all three will receive the burglar information.
LPT will also send e-mail messages to the registered Mail Id’s (Max. 2 e-mail Id’s can be registered). Mail Details contains the same information similar to the message details along with burglar’s photograph (applicable only for mobiles which has front camera).
Both messages and e-mails will be sent when the burglar tries to uninstall the application or while inserting a new SIM.


  1. This is really a useful android app, However i saw you guys have stopped updating it, Any Especial Reason for this?

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