Saturday, January 25, 2014

Locate your Lost Device

Find Your Lost Android Device

Hi all, I hope this post will be helpful for you guys. Don't get Tensed if you have lost your device.Here is an tricky thing to locate your device.

Things to do

  • You should have your Google account  that has to be synced to your Android Device
  • The Lost device should be connected to network 
 Assume that you have kept your device somewhere and it is not connected to network.Go to the DeviceManager (Click on the reference link) . This  link will show you how many devices are synced with your Google account. Select the particular lost device from the list and there will be option to RING. The beauty of this is even if your phone is in silent it will RING.

 You can clearly see that my device is pointed with accurate location.

Check with your mobile device by putting it in silent mode


This won't work if
  • Device is not connected with Network
  • Device is not synced with your Google account
 Hope you guys enjoyed this post.


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