Monday, July 29, 2013

Changing the install location of Android Application

Hi all, Today we are going to learn how to change/modify the install location of Android Application without rooting your Android-device

Some of the Android Devices has no enough space(internal memory) to install the application from google play, so here we have tricky solution for that

Steps to Follow :
1.Download Android SDK 
2.Open Command prompt in ur windows(win+r,type cmd)
3.Type th path of platform-tools where SDK is installed (eg, C:\Users\Anu\android-sdks\platform-tools)
4.Enable the USB Debbuging (Goto Settings-Developer options-USB debugging) in your Device before connecting to the system

5.Now in windows type adb devices, you will get list of devices attached to your system

6.After getting list of devices, type adb shell and you will get $ symbol(Non Rooted or # symbol(Rooted) which is ready to execute your command

7.Type set pm setInstallLocation 2 or pm-set-Install-Location 2 

8.Exit & unplug your device and Enjoy by installing your apps to your external memory.

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